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If You Want to Become a Fashion Designer, Don't Drop Out of School

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

If you have an eye for style and wish to pursue a college education in the field of fashion, you may be surprised at how rigorous and intense the application process will be. Most fashion institutes have a much higher rate of applicants than they do available spots to fill their seats each year. If you aspire to be the next up-and-coming fashion designer or fashion marketing mogul, your journey will begin long before you step foot on any college campus. According to GPA Calculator, the GPA you will need in high school depends on what kind of school you want to attend afterward. In the case of fashion design school, the better your grades and more varied your extracurriculars, the better chance you have of being accepted to a prestigious fashion college.

Showing Your Passion

There are a lot of preconceived notions about what to expect during a fashion-related admissions interview at a prospective college. Just like the fashion industry itself, the interview process for potential students is always changing. A decade ago, fashion admissions representatives wanted to see elaborate sketches and a vast knowledge of the fashion industry on the whole: textiles, designers names, collaborations, cuts, and styles.

Today, there is a strong pull towards technology and incorporating social media into the application and interview process. Create dynamic videos that demonstrate your love for fashion. Share your social media accounts, brag about your fashion followers and show the admissions staff how you have created a name for yourself as a social media fashion mogul with your unique sense of style. Are you someone who is more prone to creating modest dresses or are you someone who adds a little more flare to her fashion designs? These are things to consider as you share your social media accounts.

.The most important is that you’re actually passionate about the industry. This article from International Student explains, “is your sewing machine collecting dust in the bottom of your closet or does it occupy the prime reality that is your kitchen table? It's impossible to stress enough that you must eat, breathe, live and dream fashion. If your charcoals and sketchbooks are in hiding, then it might be a better idea to enjoy fashion as a hobby, instead of aspiring to be the next intern.” Not to tell you not to go into fashion if that’s your passion, but evaluating now if you’re ready to commit is better than having to drop out later.

Demonstrate Your Ability To Think Ahead

People with a natural ability to forecast upcoming fashion trends, often referred to as fashion forecasters, are invaluable to the industry. By demonstrating your vision and clearly stating your projections for the next decade, combined with your technical skills and imagination, you will wow the admissions staff and be one step closer to being accepted at the school of your choice. Business of Fashion explains, “schools get around 10 applications for every 1 position, so whatever you can do to stand out among the rest is critical. Have a noteworthy portfolio, and keep your sketchbooks and notebooks. Schools want to see the thought process and formulation of an idea just as much as they want to see the end product.”

Be Courageous and Flexible

The admissions staff at any fashion college wants to see ambition and passion, but they also want to know that you are an easygoing and flexible person. The fashion industry can be very stressful; admissions representatives like to see that you can go with the flow and handle the rigorous course load. Prove that you're ready for that responsibility by staying in school. Advances in technology make graduating from high school easier than ever before. Great Lakes Cyber Academy explains that online public schools allow students to take advantage of flexible graduation pacing options. When you can study at your own pace, there's really no excuse for dropping out of school—especially when it could get in the way of your dreams.

If you want to be a fashion designer, forecaster, marketer or photographer, do not drop out of school. Do your best to study hard, and you will be rewarded with an exciting career in fashion.

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