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Items You Should Generally Buy New

Thrifting is a highly successful industry. It provides people with affordable merchandise and helps save the planet. However, some items are best purchased new. Some used goods can cause a great deal of stress and future expense. The following items should generally be purchased new, rather than used.


Buying used electronics can be risky in the long run. One reason for this is that computerized equipment becomes obsolete very quickly. By the time the past owner is ready for an upgrade, the old technology is likely out of date. Additionally, used electronics can have bugs that are unidentifiable at the time of purchase. This could negate the money you saved in the first place with costly repairs. If you are purchasing a refurbished item, there are several risks as well. Some things that you should always buy new are things with mechanical functions, such as keyboards and mouses, hard drives, and non-hygienic equipment such as earbuds and mouthpieces.


There are some nasty vermin out there, and one that is making a comeback is the indomitable bed bug. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to eradicate on your own and require fumigation done by a reputable pest control company. Buying used furniture can introduce bed bugs into your home. Items with soft surfaces such as couches and mattresses are common culprits that you will definitely want to buy new.

Baby Items

You will need to do a great deal of homework if you choose to buy used baby products. Baby items are constantly being recalled and it can become life-threatening if recalled goods continue to be used. This applies to toys, which can be recalled because of a choking hazard or even lead-based paint. It also applies to highchairs, cribs, swings, walkers, and playpens. These items have been known to malfunction, causing anything from pinched fingers to head injuries. Car seats should always be purchased new, as they expire quickly and should be discarded if involved in a car accident. Even clothing might have been made before the invention of flame-resistant fabric. You will need to research every baby item that you purchase used, which might be more of a pain than it is worth.

While thrifting is a money-saver and an eco-friendly way to shop, make sure that you are choosy when it comes to items you are willing to buy used. Not everything you see is what you get, and sometimes you get hidden dangers that you couldn’t see when you made the purchase. Be educated and shop smart!

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