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Newly launched non-woke comic book defies cancel culture, brings in over $1.7M in first four days |

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In a world full of “woke” culture, one man is taking an artistic stand. 

Writer, content creator and musician Eric July is adding a new feather to his cap: comic book creator. July officially launched his first comic book “Isom #1” through publishing company Rippaverse on Monday — and it’s been a smashing success.

July’s book has already brought in more than $1.7 million in pre-orders in just the first four days. Nearly 19,000 people have pre-ordered — but not everyone is happy about it.

The release of “Isom #1” created somewhat of a stir on social media, particularly Reddit, where promotional videos for the comic book were banned from certain subreddits for “supporting comics from hate groups.”

Creator Eric July and his newly launched “Isom #1” comic book. (Rippaverse Comics)

But July tells Fox News Digital his comic book company is no such thing. “A lot of it has to do with the fact that I am a person that they simply do not like,” he said. 

July, a self-described libertarian, hosts his own podcast and has appeared on several media outlets as a political commentator. July said he is “on a mission to spread liberty, speak out against nonsense and work towards a more free and prosperous society.”

July said a lot of entertainment today is out to “beat people over the head with stuff like social justice” and left-leaning agendas.

“Isom #1” is the first comic book to be released by Eric July and Rippaverse Comics. It follows the story of Avery Silman, a common rancher in Florepark, Texas.

“To see the industry go in the direction that it’s gone kind of lights a fire under you,” July said. “It’s not like it’s getting any better. These people are doubling down on everything that they’re doing no matter how often the fans reject it.”

So, he created Rippaverse.

“I put my money where my mouth is,” July said. “I just started a comic book company. I told people I’m not beating the audience over the head with my individual political views with this, and that got me called the most ugly names I’ve probably ever been called in my life.”

But the constant comments about his race and political views will not stop him from making a return to the essence of what he says comic books are all about.

July explained that a lot of people see comic books as an escape from the real world and an opportunity to enjoy themselves and “get their morale up.”

“I like seeing people be stoked. I like seeing people be happy and enthusiastic about something that is happening in entertainment. The last five, six years, it’s been rough for a lot of people [because] folks have just been holding their nose as they go through and consume whatever entertainment it is that they’re consuming,” he said.

July said he hopes to build a fandom where people can share their theories and build friendships.

A poster from Rippaverse Comics shows Avery Silman, the main character of “Isom #1.” (Rippaverse Comics)

“We’re seeing success and people are enthusiastic. Customers are enthusiastic and that’s why they hate us,” he said. “This is what I do. This is my passion. I’m a comic book lifer.”

“Isom #1” follows the story of Avery Silman, a common rancher in Florepark, Texas, who “obtained some unique abilities” and spent a brief time acting as a hero under the moniker Isom. Things take a turn for Silman when he gets a call from his sister about an old friend who has become one of the most feared men in the city. Silman goes to visit his childhood friend and ends up in some violent altercations as he is sucked back into the world of  "excepts" or “special beings.”

The 96-page comic book will serve as a launching pad for the entire Rippaverse Comics universe. The comics are brought to life through July’s writing, Cliff Richards’ pencil and ink work, Gabe Eltaeb’s color work and Eric Weathers’ lettering.

For now, July is heading back to the drawing board — quite literally. He said it’s time to get back to work.

Eric July created Rippaverse Comics to give fans an outlet to enjoy comic books without politics. (Eric July/Rippaverse Comics)

“I want to get books into the hands of the people,” he said. “This is a blessing. I thank God for this opportunity and all the supporters from all different pockets of the internet.”

“Isom #1” is available for pre-order now on The comic book is due to ship in August.

Lorraine Taylor is an editor at Fox News. News tips can be sent to or on Twitter @LorraineEMT.

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