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Segre gets Hypatia prize

Holocaust survivor and life Senator Liliana Segre was honored on Thursday with the prestigious Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize. The award was presented by a festival in Genoa that has been recognizing women's achievements since 2010. Liliana Segre has become an emblematic figure in Italy and beyond, known for her resilience and dedication to fighting against discrimination and hatred. Born in Milan in 1930, she survived the horrors of Auschwitz concentration camp as a young girl. After the war, Segre dedicated her life to promoting memory and actively fighting against racism and intolerance. The Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize was established to celebrate women who have made significant contributions in various fields, including culture, science, and social advocacy. It is named after Hypatia of Alexandria, a renowned mathematician and philosopher who lived in the 4th century. The festival in Genoa, now in its 12th edition, aims to raise awareness about women's achievements and highlight their valuable contributions to society. Each year, it awards the Hypatia prize to an outstanding woman who has made a difference in her respective field. Liliana Segre's recognition with the Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize is a testament to her incredible strength, resilience, and determination to fight for justice and equality. Her experience as a survivor of the Holocaust has shaped her commitment to educating younger generations about the dangers of prejudice and discrimination. Despite facing numerous challenges and threats throughout her life, Liliana Segre has remained steadfast in her pursuit of truth, justice, and remembrance. She has tirelessly worked to ensure that the atrocities committed during the Holocaust are never forgotten and that future generations understand the importance of tolerance, acceptance, and human rights. As a life Senator in Italy, Segre has used her platform to advocate for legislation against hate speech and discrimination. Her efforts led to the creation of the "Day of Remembrance" in Italy, a national day dedicated to honoring the memory of the Holocaust victims and promoting education against hatred. Liliana Segre's impact extends far beyond her home country. She has spoken at various international events, sharing her personal story and conveying the importance of combating racism and intolerance on a global scale. Her words and actions have inspired countless individuals and organizations to take a stand against bigotry and promote inclusivity. Receiving the Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize is a well-deserved recognition of Liliana Segre's lifelong dedication to fostering a more just and compassionate society. Her unwavering determination to combat hate and intolerance serves as a reminder that even in the face of unimaginable atrocities, individuals have the power to make a difference and bring about positive change. The festival in Genoa continues to honor exceptional women like Liliana Segre, who embody the spirit of Hypatia and inspire others through their remarkable achievements. By highlighting these women's stories and contributions, the festival aims to promote gender equality and empower future generations of women to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Liliana Segre's legacy is one of resilience, hope, and a commitment to creating a society free from discrimination. Her tireless efforts to educate, raise awareness, and promote dialogue serve as a powerful reminder that the past should never be forgotten, and that we all have a responsibility to stand up against injustice. The Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize recognizes Liliana Segre's extraordinary journey and her role as an advocate for human rights. It celebrates her courage, strength, and determination in speaking out against hatred and promoting a more inclusive and tolerant society. Liliana Segre's story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of remembering the past to shape a better future. Her voice continues to resonate, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to stand up against discrimination and injustice. The Hypatia-Female Excellence Prize is a tribute to her remarkable achievements and a reminder of the continuing fight for equality and justice.

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