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Swalwell compares Boebert to mass shooter day after Highland Park massacre, Boebert fires back | Fox

Warren Fried, father of two, recounts the horrors of Monday’s mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

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appeared to compare his Republican colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado to the suspect in Monday’s mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois that left six people dead and dozens wounded. 

Swalwell posted the tweet on Tuesday appearing to compare the Highland Park, Illinois, shooter who killed six people and injured more than 30 at a Fourth of July parade to Boebert.

“Let’s start drawing straight lines,” Swalwell wrote on his congressional Twitter account, posting a holding an AR-15 rifle juxtaposed to a picture of the suspect, Robert Crimo III.

Swalwell’s tweet could also suggest that the alleged shooter drew inspiration from Boebert. The post came a day after the massacre.

Boebert told Fox News Digital she gets “that Eric Swalwell isn’t a fan of our Constitutional rights and is desperate to distract from his repeated political failures, but the only straight line that needs to be drawn is from Eric Swalwell to Fang Fang to the Chinese Communist Party.”

“I will make sure that line gets drawn when we take back the House,” Boebert continued. “Law-abiding gun owners won’t be smeared and disarmed every time a California failed presidential candidate rolls out of bed with a Chinese spy and tries to blame us for the conduct of others.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert pushed back against Rep. Eric Swalwell’s tweet comparing her to the suspect in Monday’s mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, saying law-abiding gun owners like her “won’t be smeared.” (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

The nation witnessed horror on Monday after gunfire erupted at the Highland Park Independence Day parade, sending attendees running for their lives. 

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering told NBC’s “Today” show that the weapon suspect Robert Crimo III used in the deadly Fourth of July parade shooting was “legally obtained” — and now the U.S. needs to re-examine gun laws in its aftermath. 

The Illinois mayor said she is waiting Tuesday for prosecutors to file charges against the 22-year-old accused of killing at least six and wounding more than 30 in Monday’s attack.

California Democrat Eric Swalwell appeared to compare his Republican colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado to the suspect in Monday’s mass shooting in Highland Park (Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images)

“This tragedy never should have arrived on our doorsteps and as a small town, everybody knows somebody that was affected by this directly,” Rotering said. 

The mayor added that she was Crimo’s Cub Scout leader as a child, describing him as “just a little boy.”

“It’s one of those things where you step back, and you say ‘What happened?’” Rotering said. “How did somebody become this angry, this hateful to then take it out on innocent people?" 

Swalwell’s communications director Jessica Gail falsely claimed in an email to FOX News Digital that the network did not cover the shootings around America and wrote that if "you weren’t murdered or traumatized by a mass shooting” over the holiday weekend, “chances are you had second thoughts about going to a public event.”

“We are a country of unrestricted weaponry where the most dangerous people have access to the most dangerous weapons,” Gail claimed. “No elected leader in America fetishizes a dangerous person’s access to military-style weapons more than Rep. Boebert.”

“And we are not going to stop calling her and her pro-killer colleagues out,” she continued.

FOX News Digital’s Greg Norman contributed reporting.

Houston Keene is a politics reporter for Fox News Digital.  Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @HoustonKeene 

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