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Talking Allegany County politics with NPR affilate WBFO Buffalo/Toronto

Talking Allegany County politics with NPR affiliate WBFO Buffalo/Toronto Read or listen to Andrew Harris talk with WBFO's Grant Ashley about the upcoming election Harris: "It was nice to have Allegany County politics be of interest to a larger audience." In a recent interview with WBFO Buffalo/Toronto, Andrew Harris discussed the intricacies and implications of Allegany County politics. The NPR affiliate was interested in gaining insight into the upcoming election and the significance it holds for the region. Grant Ashley led the conversation and delved into various aspects of local politics. Harris expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to discuss Allegany County politics on a larger platform. While local politics may not always garner much attention beyond the county lines, he believes that it is important for residents of the region to have their voices heard. This interview provided an avenue for Harris to highlight the issues that matter most to the people of Allegany County. During the interview, various topics were covered, including the upcoming election and its potential impact on the region. Harris emphasized the importance of community engagement and shared his thoughts on the role of local government in addressing the needs of the county's residents. He stressed the significance of balanced representation and the need for elected officials to actively work towards the betterment of their constituents. When asked about the key issues driving the election, Harris mentioned several topics that are of particular concern to the people of Allegany County. Economic development and job creation were highlighted as top priorities. The county has faced challenges in attracting new businesses and expanding employment opportunities, and Harris believes that a proactive approach is needed to address these issues. Infrastructure development was also a significant talking point. Allegany County is home to many rural areas that have struggled with outdated infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and broadband access. Harris emphasized the importance of investing in infrastructure to support local communities and foster economic growth. Education was another crucial matter discussed during the interview. Harris expressed the need for strong educational institutions that can provide quality education to the youth of Allegany County. He emphasized the importance of preparing students for future success and equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market. When asked about his campaign strategy, Harris highlighted the importance of grassroots organizing and connecting with the community. He believes in the power of face-to-face conversations and listening to the concerns and aspirations of the people he hopes to represent. Harris emphasized the need for genuine engagement and building relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Throughout the interview, Harris showcased his deep understanding of Allegany County politics and his commitment to serving the best interests of its residents. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in government and pledged to be an advocate for the people. As the interview concluded, Harris expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to discuss Allegany County politics with WBFO Buffalo/Toronto. He hopes that the conversation can contribute to a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the region. The upcoming election in Allegany County holds significant importance for the region's future trajectory. Residents are encouraged to become informed about the candidates and their positions on key issues. Harris believes in the power of engaged and active citizenship and hopes that the election will serve as a catalyst for positive change in Allegany County. Overall, the interview with WBFO Buffalo/Toronto was a valuable platform for Andrew Harris to share his perspectives on Allegany County politics. It highlighted the pressing issues facing the region and showcased Harris' commitment to effective governance and community engagement. As the election approaches, the people of Allegany County have an opportunity to shape the future of their communities by electing leaders who will prioritize their needs and aspirations.

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