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Things Get Heated Between Roman Reigns And Logan Paul At WWE Crown Jewel Press Conference

The press conference Logan Paul referenced during Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown took place on Saturday and things got heated between the YouTube star and the Head of the Table. WWE, specifically Triple H, announced that at Crown Jewel on November 5, 2022, live from Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul would be going one-on-one with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Each said their piece, and then things got heated.

After the announcement was made and questions were asked by the media, Paul Heyman called an impromptu end to the proceedings suggesting that it was no longer worth The Tribal Chief’s time to lower himself to the standards of a social media star who has made a career of calling out athletes past their prime. Heyman stated that Reigns would smash Paul and the two competitors stood face to face before Reigns walked off stage. Paul put on his sunglasses afterward and said he was going to put on a show and a fight like no one has ever seen and suggested no one miss it.

While some fans are bothered by the fact that Paul hasn’t necessarily earned a title shot in WWE, the company wanted to ensure this was a marquee bout and this press conference certainly helped. Reminiscent of an MMA pre-fight media gathering or big boxing fight, both Reigns and Paul did a solid job of making this future match feel like it is must see. Triple H, for his part ensured the money shot was there at the end with both wrestlers standing nose to nose to end things.

Paul Says He’ll Surprise People

Saying he’s been in the wrestling game forever, Paul called out Reigns for being a former football star who merely has more time in the WWE than he does. He dared him to keep underestimating him and see what happens. Meanwhile, Reigns was quick to respond to a member of the media when asked why even give Paul a shot, that he’s a “good Tribal Chief” that if WWE wants him to lay a beating on Logan Paul, that’s what he’s going to do.

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