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‘Thought he was rich’: Man ditches IG model Cyan with R20k bill

South African influencer, Instagram model, and DJ Cyan Boujee was left high and dry by a man who pretended to be wealthy but then stuck her with an R20 000 bill at a local restaurant. Heading to Instagram Live last week, Cyan explained how she was forced to pay the R20k bill after the man up and left her in an upmarket restaurant with waiters who were waiting for the bill to be settled.

According to Cyan, she has since opened a case against the man and is also in possession of his car which she refuses to return unless he gives her back the R20k.

IG model Cyan Boujee ditched by man in restaurant with R20k bill

It isn’t the first time a beautiful woman was left with a high bill in a club or restaurant and it probably won’t.

IG model Cyan Boujee has hopefully learned from her mistakes after she went on a date with a man who she thought was rich.

It turns out the man is not as rich as she believed after he ditched her in Pretoria’s Zanzu bar with a R20k bill.

Heading online, Cyan shared how she was forced to fork up the money after realising that the man was not coming back to pay the bill.

“All the waiters were looking at me and they were talking about booking me next week Saturday and now I’m thinking about my reputation,” she said in the Instagram Live video.

Cyan Boujee confiscates a guy’s car after he failed to pay a R20 000 bill. — Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) September 9, 2022

She also went on to share that she has opened a case and is in possession of the man’s car – which she maintains will not be returned until she gets her R20k back.

Mzansi weighs in

@ntulo-entle said:

“Paying the bill that u were part of eating.Clearly that shows she’s acting having this nice lifestyle but don’t have MONEY. You can’t be crying for paying ur dues”

@tallassnikk said:

“The finesser got finessed”

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