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What You Should Do If Your Business Requires Customer Entry

Businesses are starting to open up again. Many are operating under what's being called a new normal. Reopening storefronts can be really helpful for businesses whose operations require customer entry. That doesn't mean you should just allow anyone and everyone in willy nilly, however. There are some things you should do to keep everyone safe.

Train Employees on Proper Protocol

If you are allowing customers entry to your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, you've likely implemented new policies and protocols that differ from how things were before the pandemic started. These changes can do a lot to prevent the spread and risk of contracting COVID-19, but they'll only be as effective if you implement them properly. To that end, it's vital that you train your employees well, making sure they are familiar with the new policies and proper protocol, including how to handle customers who may not be interested in abiding by your new rules.

Keep Customers Apart

It's important that your business take measures to assist your customers in maintaining an appropriate distance from one another. By helping people stay apart from each other, you reduce their risk of spreading or contracting illness. This can be a little tricky at times, especially if you have limited space, such as might happen in a waiting room. There are a number of strategies that can reduce contact in a waiting room. Many healthcare practices are addressing this issue by asking patients to remain in their cars when they arrive, to notify the practice that they have arrived, and to wait until they are asked to enter the building. This allows them to better control how many people enter at a time and makes maintaining an appropriate distance easier.

Require Masks

When worn properly, masks can help reduce both your risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. This is especially important as it seems that there are a significant number of people who contract it but don't show any symptoms. Because of this, you should require your employees and customers to wear masks when entering your business. Some people will balk at following this guideline. You may even lose some business over it. However, a greater portion of people will thank you for taking measures to protect their health.

Allowing customers to come back into your business can do great things for business operations. It's important that policies and protocol be put into place to support safe customer interactions. Make sure employees are trained, practice social distancing, and require masks for customers and employees. These measures will help keep everyone safe and your business open.

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